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Consumers' shopping experience: In-Store vs Online

Authored by Novus Insights 11/11/2021

Various psychological studies have shown that making purchase decisions make you happier, so for some, in-store shopping still serves as a stress therapy despite the fact that online shopping is usual for many people now. Some love the thrill of it, the excitement that leads to impulse shopping. However, online shopping has offered certain benefits, like utmost convenience and digital payment, that have changed people's perception of shopping now. It has changed significantly. It has evolved. So, it's become essential for in-store shopping to be an experience that’s worthwhile. This has led retail store or shop owners to carry out thorough business and strategic research to offer people items that go with people’s changing preferences and existing trends.

With so many people shopping for a variety of items online every day, there is no doubt that online shopping is as usual these days as in-store shopping. But, in-store shopping is still a true delight for those who prefer a traditional yet exciting shopping experience. Both of these shopping experiences are satisfying and exciting and have their own benefits to offer, which are as follows:

In-store shopping 

Exclusive in-store deals and offers 

Impulsive shopping is a common factor when it comes to online shopping, but most people usually go for in-store shopping when they have a need. So, other than creating engaging in-store experiences for them in new, exciting ways, offering exclusive in-store deals and promotions is surely a failsafe, effective customer strategy.

Option of trying 

If you're buying clothes, you're more likely to prefer staying away from the inconvenience of getting your favourite t-shirt delivered online and coming to know it doesn't fit you properly. With in-store shopping, you get the option of trying or testing items you are buying.

Customized experience 

In-store shopping allows you to experience shopping in a personalized way since you get to interact with someone in person and have them show you products, and you get to see those products in their real form. So, it offers a much more real, customized experience, which makes it important for store or shop owners to offer a custom shopping experience, as part of their customer service strategy.

Instant fulfilment 

Buying an item directly from a retail shop or store also has a sense of instant fulfillment to it. You get the product you are buying as soon as you make the payment and you don’t need to impatiently wait until it arrives.

Exclusive items 

Many retail store owners include exclusive items in their in-store collection that people can't find online. They leverage valuable insights gathered from digital platforms to understand what is trending, what are people’s current preferences and likes, and which items they are not able to buy easily online.

Now, let’s delve into the benefits that online shopping offers: 

Product reviews and testimonials

Online shopping guides you the right way in the sense that it offers product reviews and testimonials that you can read to figure out how the product you intend to buy is being perceived by those who’ve bought it. So, you know if you are making the right buying decision or not.

Product comparisons

Not only does online shopping offer testimonials and product reviews, it also offers comparisons between similar products, which help you understand which option is better based on the parameters you prefer. So, you get to choose a more apt product based on your specific requirements.

More diverse range of products 

Online shopping platforms, like Amazon and Flipkart, give you a variety of brand, colour, product options for you to choose from. So, you can explore more options there and select the product based on your specific needs or preferences when you shop online. There are many brands that consistently ensure they offer an impressive variety online for people to explore since it serves as an effective market expansion strategy.


One unparalleled benefit that online shopping offers is convenience. You get to shop for your preferred items without leaving the comfort of your home and you get to experience value-added benefits, like digital payment and online delivery.

No external pressure whatsoever

It’s definitely great to be guided by a sales representative or person when you shop from a retail shop. However, sometimes customers can feel like they are forced into buying. With online shopping, you don't feel that external pressure and you can take as much time as you want to decide which product you want to buy and when you want to buy it. 

The majority of people who opt for in-store shopping end up buying more items than the ones they actually entered the store for. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have online shopping as an ideal option for those who love to explore options without having time as a constraint and have proper knowledge of what they are buying. So, it all depends on what kind of shopping experience you prefer. 

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