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Case Study

Airline Network Planning Study

Client is a leading airlines and aviation company that wanted to conduct a study on Airline Network Planning.

Business Objective

The main objective was to enhance and gain qualitative information on following points:

Minimize unprofitable flights

Improve flight schedule

Fleet planning

Hub optimization-evolution

Network rationalization

New routes evaluation

Resources (fleet, crew) optimization

Aircraft rotation optimization

Our Approach

  • Research Premise
  • Research Premise Continued
  • Value Delivered

Research Premise

Research experts conducted in-depth interviews with several industry-wide stakeholders which includes airline experts in planning and architects, operations executives, route development managers and project owners etc.

Focusing on the following attributes towards Airline Network Planning:

  • Fleet planning and evaluation
  • Fleet supply and integrated planning
  • Traffic and revenue forecasting
  • Network optimization
  • Route evaluation opportunities
  • Network strategy
  • Designing networks
  • Hub connectivity
  • Matching the competition: including threats from the competitive scenario

Geographic Coverage: Europe-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & UK), North America (US & Canada) & Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, Singapore & Australia)

Research Premise Continued

Collated and analyzed the data from secondary sources like company websites, articles, press releases, industry reports and presentations to recognize the following:

  • Leading players in the industry
  • Estimated the annual Airline spent for consulting in Network Planning
  • Market share/ size for each relevant consulting firm
  • Also focused on consulting projects on Network planning i.e. Fleet & Hubs scheduling and planning

Value Delivered

The leading opinions that drive airlines to request consulting in Network Planning

The airline industry's opinion on consulting support vs in-house work

The leading points behind the selection of a consulting firm in Network Planning

Leading opinions/ drivers which drive airlines to request consulting in Network planning

Airline industry reply on consulting supporting versus in-house work

Leading points behind the selection of a consulting firm in Network Planning

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