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Understanding Gen Z: Your prospect customers who aren't easy to please

Authored by Novus Insights 19/10/2021

In today’s world, if you are running a business, you have to consistently cater to the evolving requirements of your audience and keep them satisfied. For many businesses, Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, is either their main audience segment or an integral one, so it has become increasingly important for marketers to understand how people from this generation think, interact, and purchase.

Before we delve into the importance of Gen Z as an audience segment for many businesses, let’s understand what Gen Z is.

Gen Z is basically that generation of people who were born between 1995-2010. Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, it is essential to understand the characteristics of Gen Z, in order to figure out effective ways of meeting their changing needs and keeping them intrigued. We have provided many varied brands with valuable analytics insights and have noticed that businesses that can effectively adapt to new behavioural changes turn out to be more successful than the ones that cannot.

One more reason why understanding this audience segment is essential is because they rely on information available on the Internet and their opinions are influenced by it. So, interacting with Gen Z users in ways that appeal to them also helps to stay relevant as a brand on social media today. No business can do that without getting in the psyche of their Gen Z audience and changing their communication accordingly. So, we, as one of the reliable global firms providing high-end data analytics services, would like to share here our exclusive list of the characteristics that perfectly represent Gen Z.

1. They expect fast and responsible customer service
Various research studies have suggested that fast and responsive customer service is what impresses these Gen Z individuals the most. They are too impatient, so if your brand leverages customer experience analytics and your customer service team is known for delivering responsive, satisfactory customer service, your brand is bound to be in the good books of Gen Z.

2. They want convenience
Technological advancements have made it easier for people to carry out everyday tasks, e.g. ordering food, booking a cab, shopping, and booking tickets. And, Gen Z users started experiencing the benefits of these advancements at a very young age, so they are used to expecting convenience. For many brands, we have gathered analytics insights that clearly show if it’s convenient for them to explore your website, buy your product, or interact with you, they are more likely to explore your brand and products and turn into potential customers.

3. Their needs are evolving and they are stubborn
With time, the needs and preferences of Gen Z customers are also evolving. This is why brands are expected to be on the same page with their Gen Z audience at any time. It is useful in coming up with better product developments or modifications that Gen Z users can relate to and more informed business and strategic decisions.

4. They prefer simplicity
Simplicity is also one of the major factors for ensuring your Gen Z customers are happy with your service or product or brand. They prefer simplicity, so if you work with your team to simplify the way customers interact with your brand, it would help to gain their trust.

5. They are loyal to brands that authentically care
Gen Z users value authenticity. For them, it is more about how much you genuinely care about their needs and preferences than about how much you claim to care in your media communication. They can see through easily because they have so many options available. Even the competition level is so high that every brand is working towards having an edge over its competitors. So, it is significant for you to ensure that your team comes up with marketing strategies and initiatives that show your brand genuinely cares, e.g. personalized communication.

In conclusion, Gen Z users are fully inclined towards meaningful, flawless experiences. If your brand or product delivers the best to them and ensures a solid understanding of their current preferences and needs at any time, it will lead them to put their trust in your brand. They constitute an integral part of the audience base for plenty of brands. So, as a leading data analytics firm worldwide, we believe delving into their psyche is the key to getting a solid understanding of them as an audience segment and thriving as a brand in this fast-paced, competitive world.

To know more about Gen Z, connect with Novus Insights today! We have experience understanding Gen Z globally, helping you better engage your Gen Z customers through tweaked marketing.

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