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Why should you hire a professional market research consultant?

Authored by Novus Insights 21/02/2022

Should you hire market research firms to enable a better understanding of consumer insights or should you do it yourself? Hiring a market research professional is always a better bet, since you will be in safe hands with a qualified expert who can guide you towards the best possible outcomes for your brand or business. 

Here are some of the top reasons as to why you should hire a professional market research firm for your business: 

  1. Experience and Expertise- These two Es are the lifeblood of any professional market research entity. In fact, when you hire market research analysts, they will help you with the entire rigmarole of designing a data collection or research process, implementing the same, fieldwork, data analysis and decision-making throughout these projects. From quantitative research techniques to qualitative research methods, these firms are skilled in professional research, helping you generate data in multiple ways.
  2. Sampling benefits- Samples in these projects are naturally the people responding to your engagement initiative. A market research firm will naturally give you a broader range of samples. Instead of only focusing on people who are easy to reach, it will help you go beyond present clients and employees to the external market and prospects.
  3. Going about the process- While you do know your business very well, you may not always know how and what to ask people for your market research initiative. Market research firms will tap into their experience and insights for building customized communication and engagement patterns for your brand, giving you the answers that you ardently require. They will help in aligning questions and other material with your ultimate business objectives.
  4. Data interpretation- Market research generates a humungous volume of data. Data gathering however turns futile when there is lack of interpretation in a suitable manner. Interpreting both qualitative and quantitative data is not as easy as it seems. Market research firms will help you gather, segregate and properly interpret data for better decision-making, insights and knowledge.
  5. Ethics and business honesty- From an honesty or ethical perspective, it is imperative to hire a market research firm. People will be more honest with their answers with a third party than when you seek to ask them yourself. Samples of the market research study or survey should feel comfortable as if their answers were completely confidential. This is something that an experienced market research firm can ensure. Honest responses are always the best way to truly learn what your customers want and how to meet their needs in the most efficient and fastest manner. 

Novus Insights is one of the leading and reliable market research consultants. We believe in delivering the value our clients long for, which is evident in how diverse our clientele is and how many industrial sectors we have spanned till now. To know more about the action planning workshops, kindly email us at

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