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Case Study

Consumer Segmentation For Health Insurance Programs

A prominent health insurance provider wanted to identify distinct segments of their customers, recognizing that not all companies have the same health benefit needs.

Business Objective

The following objectives were to identify:

Key factors impacting the selection of health insurance providers

Key concern areas among current and potential customer segments of health insurance programs.

Uncover unmet needs to find ways to better serve customers.

Develop a segmentation scheme to use when profiling customers and prospects.

Our Approach

  • Research Premise
  • Research Premise Continued
  • Value Delivered

Research Premise

Research experts conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders within the industry and also identified some additional respondents who could provide qualitative insights specific to the following parameters:

  • Factors influencing consumers' selection of suitable health insurance providers and their policies benefits
  • Concern factors for potential customer segments for health insurance programs
  • Central needs for health insurance customers: plans which covers all their requirements
  • Data analytics as a collect tool for enhancing the insurance operations:
  • Effectively determine policy premiums, track the customers to predict and calculate risks.
  • Develop an in-depth customer segmentation based on their specifications.
  • Anticipate future behavior of the customers and segment the customers accordingly.

Geographic Coverage: Europe-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & UK), Asia (India & Singapore)

Research Premise Continued

Performed desk research from paid and non-paid sources and mapped out the following information:

  • Customer segments identification based on data analysis and segmentation modelling
  • Benchmarks for choosing the suitable customer segment based on insurance policy
  • Tracked the recent development in customer segmentation, current customers’ needs and concern factors

Value Delivered

Comprehensive report was shared in PDF format.

Key insights were highlighted which assisted the client to restructure their business strategy for achieving high customer satisfaction and to expand its client base.

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