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Case Study

Global Smart Grid Market Case Study

Client is a US-based energy firm that wanted to enter in the Smart Grid market, but before they expanded their venture they were particularly interested in exploring the current Global Smart Grid market.

Business Objective

Objectives were to study the detailed market segmentation and forecast market size, in terms of value, on the basis of regional segmentation.

Also, strategically profile leading players and examine any product launches, technology development, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Our Approach

  • Research Premise
  • Research Premise Continued
  • Value Delivered

Research Premise

Domain experts analyzed regional market landscape by concentrating on following research methodologies:

Conducted primary research with following target audience:

  • Smart grid manufacturers and suppliers globally
  • Industry Experts like C-level executives of key market players, energy consultants and others
  • Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policymakers

Research Premise Continued

Company annual reports, white papers, investor presentations, energy financial reports and others

From the data, experts analyzed market size/ share of leading players across various regions and their services towards the sector.

Gathered insights on following attributes:

  • Implement of any recent energy policies
  • Transformation in global smart grid market
  • Recent product launch and technology development

Geographic Coverage: Europe, Asia Pacific and North & South America

Value Delivered

Experts delivered the report which covers the scope, size, industry future forecasts and growth rate of industry including key sensitivities and success factors.

Novus enabled the client to consolidate findings and highlighted key insights which assisted the client in their market strategy in the right direction.

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