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Our unparalleled expertise in various industries and markets enables us to significantly contribute to their growth the growth of our clients belonging to these industriess.

Comprehensive knowledge of the client's industry

A broader context to how data is analyzed & interpreted

Research spanning challenging segments

Global coverage for multi-country research

Industrial sectors we serve

IT and Telecom Industry Research - Novus Insights

IT and Telecom

No matter what, almost every firm needs a dedicated team of IT professionals whose expertise gives them a competitive edge. Our researchers and analysts from the IT & Telecom background possess expertise that allows us to provide our clients with a solid understanding of how consumers engage with their mobile phones in today's world.

Automobiles Industry Research - Novus Insights


With vast expertise in the automotive industry and operational excellence, our researchers and analysts always yearn to deliver high-end research services, including primary research, tech-driven research, and corporate & strategic research.

FMCG Industry Research- Novus Insights


Fast-moving consumer goods include products like packaged foods, candies, cosmetic products, and beverages. The FMCG industry significantly affects the nation\'s economy since it also enables many food & beverage companies to thrive in such a competitive market. With our expertise in the FMCG industry, we strive to undertake a wide range of research projects that enable FMCG firms to gain a competitive edge.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry Research - Novus Insights

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

We, at Novus Insights, provide firms involved in the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of research services spanning aspects, like healthcare delivery, diagnoses, patients, healthcare staff, and equipment. We possess a holistic understanding of the industry that allows us to offer valuable insights to our clients.

Energy & Utilities Industry Research - Novus Insights

Energy & Utilities

Our team of highly skilled and experienced researchers possesses comprehensive expertise in the energy & utility sector, which forms the basis of our exceptional work on many research and advisory projects in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Carbon Market Analytics, and Crude Oil.

E-commerce Industry Research - Novus Insights


We take immense pride in the fact that our researchers and analysts come from various backgrounds, one of which is e-commerce. Today, there is plenty of e-commerce companies yearning to be at the top of their game by leveraging valuable data insights and upping their marketing campaigns based on those insights. We help these companies achieve their specific research objectives.

Aviation Industry Research - Novus Insights


The aviation industry, encompassing all components of air transportation, is a significant global industry. With a solid understanding of the aviation industry, we conduct comprehensive research and analysis of various airline-related aspects for aviation firms, like military aviation, and airline manufacturing.

Banking & Financial Services Research- Novus Insights

Banking & Financial Services

Our exclusive team of researchers and analysts for the banking and finance industry enables our clients to cut down on significant costs. We supervise those functions that don\'t fall under core functions and leverage our ability to provide a detailed overview of all the banking components of a firm, like its financial structure, income statements, and fund flow statements.

Chemicals Industry Research - Novus Insights


The chemical industry is indirectly or directly always related to our everyday lives. It affects the economy of a nation positively and serves other industrial sectors that require a variety of chemicals, like food & beverage and healthcare. Our team of researchers offers various research services, like primary research, for a variety of chemicals, like Sulphur, Urea, and Base Oils.

Education Industry Research - Novus Insights


We, at Novus Insights, have executed a variety of tasks in the education sector with the assistance of our researchers who come from the education background, thereby providing key insights and a thorough analysis of opportunities in all segments of the industry, like tertiary education, benchmarking of B schools, and PPP models. In addition, we also study market trends and deliver an overview of e-learning worldwide.

Electronic & White Products Industry Research - Novus Insights

Electronic & White Products

The electronic & white products industry encompasses products, like refrigerators, TVs, recorders, ACs, and washing machines. With the expertise possessed by our team of dedicated professional researchers and analysts who are involved in this industry, we have worked for a variety of electronic brands and provided them with high-end market research services and brief analyses.

Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Research - Novus Insights

Retail & Consumer Goods

We offer a wide range of research services, including corporate & strategic research, primary research, and branding & communication research, to clients belonging to the retail & consumer goods industry. We yearn to help our clients make better marketing and operational decisions by providing them with thorough shopper and retail insights across segments, like sauces, dairy products, beverages, and chocolates.

Media Industry Research- Novus Insights


We, at Novus Insights, provide our clients involved in the media industry with exclusive research services across various media segments, like Film, TV, and Digital. So, if you\'re looking for a research firm that can cater to your research needs, Novus Insights is a perfect choice.

Professional Services Industry Research- Novus Insights

Professional Services

This is a unique industry because it involves all those profiles for which one needs exclusive training in the sciences & art. We provide our clients with high-end research services in various professions, such as teachers, doctors, financial advisors, consultants, and engineers.

Real Estate Industry Research - Novus Insights

Real Estate

Our team of researchers and analysts' unmatched knowledge of the real estate industry enables us to provide our clients with premium research services that lead to valuable insights. So far, by leveraging it, we’ve executed many activities across all of its aspects, such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, and industrial real estate.

Travel & Hospitality Industry Research - Novus Insights

Travel & Hospitality

The travel & hospitality sector has always been a significant contributor to the economy of a nation. Our offerings, including tech-driven research and primary research, benefit our clients in several ways, like cost reduction and maximum efficiency. Our researchers and analysts possess a solid understanding of all industry segments, such as Air Freight, Modern Warehousing, and Transportation Equipment.

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