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Mobile Ethnography

Mobile Ethnography is an innovative, auto-ethnographic market research technique. It combines traditional ethnography and mobile research and enables clients to immerse themselves in the lives of consumers. It involves researching human behaviours, journeys, and experiences.

Key Outcomes

A deeper understanding of consumer insights

A more realistic picture of consumers’ perception of your brand or product

An in-depth modern approach that delivers extremely valuable insights, thereby helping companies to predict future products, designs, and other aspects of the business

In-depth analysis of the product

Immense transparency to businesses

Seamless transitions from one stage to another, e.g. product testing to product development


Participant engagement during key points on the customer’s journey
Rich, in-the-moment insights via user-generated information in real-time
Immediate results and monitored progress in real-time via the project dashboard available on a device
Instant reaction to results, greater insights, and new paths of investigation
Quick set-up & cost-effective


User Experience Research

Diary Studies

Mystery Shopping

User-Centred Design & Product Development

Event/ Activity Specific Research

Voice of Customer Research

Path to Purchase Research

Concept & Product Testing


Project Set-Up
Participants Profiling
Onboarding of Participants
Fieldwork & Moderation
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