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Online Diaries

Online diaries are a great way of capturing experiences with services or products, and diving deep into consumers’ everyday behaviour. The methodology involves having more longitudinal and interactive sessions during the research with participants. Online diaries collect feedback from respondents via online mediums over a set period of time, which provides visual and written responses.

Key Outcomes

Well-captured usage behaviour of respondents

Factors that drive user behaviour and decision-making

Evaluation of profound emotions of consumers

Rich details, unpredictable and unexpected insights, which help greatly with future concepts and products

Frequent tracking of consumer behaviour related to product consumption


An understanding of how consumers use online services over time

A detailed picture of how people behave over time, using online and offline products

Improved customer experience

Identification of behaviour and motivations, in response to questions and tasks

Analysis of how people use a service in a real-world environment

Immediate feedback in different forms, like pictures and videos

Cost-effective since it eliminates the use of traditional options

Visual and written responses

Documentation of touchpoint experiences

Regular branding activities and follow-up questions

Online diaries research services

Online Market Share Assessment

Understanding of Consumer Behavior Over-Time

Recording of Product Usage Experience

Documentation of a Customer Journey

Concept & Design Testing

Digital Advertising Testing

Tracking of Both Physical & Virtual Uses

Verification & Validation of Ideas


Step 1

Invitation & Recruitment

Step 2

Project Communication

Step 3

Respondent Participation

Step 4

Survey Response

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