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Case Study

Product & Service Expansion for Gaming Market

A leading video game company was interested in expanding their investment choices for venturing into new product and service lines.

Business Objective

The main objective was to understand the following attributes towards gaming market based on:

How is the gaming behavior of consumers changing?

Measuring promotional impact

Benchmarking the performance of home gaming consoles

Factors motivating the development of gaming market

Our Approach

  • Research Premise
  • Value Delivered

Research Premise

Research experts conducted primary research with generation Z and millennial in order to capture their views towards gaming market based on:

  • Understanding their changing behavior towards playing on home gaming consoles
  • How is the same affecting their mental health?
  • Apart from this, what other types of game would they like to play?
  • Quality of video content and understanding their engagement level
  • Gained their interest and promotional impact towards various game types based on playing i.e. arcade, racing or any sports, adult games, and others
  • Pros and cons pertinent to home gaming consoles
  • Suggestions for additional gaming accessories and console up-gradation
  • Perceived the growth factors, drivers, and opportunities

Geographic Coverage: Europe-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & UK), North America (US, Canada) and Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, South Korea & Australia)

Value Delivered

Comprehensive report with in-depth analysis was shared with the client.

Key insights were highlighted which assisted the client to take their market strategy to the right direction for market expansion.

Highlighted key insights from the study:

Growth & Restraints

Influential Factors

Preference towards various game types

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