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Do Startups have a Chance in the Face of Super Apps

Do Startups have a Chance in the Face of Super Apps?

Authored by Novus Insights 19/12/2022

When tech and social media Goliaths burst on the scene, they quickly discovered ways to develop platforms that offer “something more” to gain more of their consumer's time and attention. To increase their platforms’ stickiness, they started inducting every possible feature. This was when the concept of super apps was born. Today, there are apps and there are super apps. The former is simply a necessity for brands to leverage the digital space, while the latter is a treasure that most digital companies aspire to. Just like earning points in a video game, developing a super app is easy, but sustaining, surviving, and thriving in such a cutthroat space is a different ball game altogether. To build a successful super app, startups need data, which they can access by deploying the ideal technology market research approach and a proven blueprint. But do startups really have a chance in the era of super apps? Let’s find out.

How does a super app work?

Simply put, a super app is preferably a single universal app that helps consumers access an extended string of services, essentially building a digital ecosystem that keeps the user from leaving the app for any reason. There are two types of super apps:

  • Vertical super apps: They provide two or more services from a single industry
  • Horizontal super apps: They offer services from two or more industries.

The true essence of a super app's business model is based on luring customers with convenience to prolong their shopping sessions and increase their overall spending. A super app is built on one or two anchor services, i.e., a central anchor service from which other services radiate outward like spokes in a wheel. Taxi services, food delivery, telecom, payments, or e-commerce could each serve as the anchor for a super app. The USP of a super app is that it can continue to expand indefinitely, as other services can be developed around its anchor service.

How have super apps taken over the online business scene?

The early meteoric success of existing super apps can be primarily ascribed to a user-friendly interface and unique, single-use functionality. They are incredibly seductive in their simplicity. However, technology is constantly evolving. Beyond the need to adapt in a rapidly changing industry, the driving force behind businesses expanding beyond their original identities and becoming digital shopping destinations is clear: The need for access to more consumer data regarding transactional trends, to allow marketing leaders more comprehensive knowledge about which product to develop and market with more specialized messaging. More data equals more money.

Room for start-ups

The super app ecosystem continues to be an attractive area for software startups trying to establish a one-stop solution, with consumer-facing internet-based apps becoming a part of everyday life for many digital consumers across the world. As more developing economies open up, opportunities for super app startups will be humongous. Scaling, however, also brings a host of issues and difficulties. Startups need to crack the success code through data-driven initiatives by leveraging technology market research methods.

Can start-ups crack the success code?

There’s little doubt that the Super App sector is here to stay. According to Forbes, the industry has the potential to produce history’s first $10 trillion company. The real challenge, however, is consumer preference. Different market research techniques can allow startups to gain valuable and actionable insights that can help them develop flawless business strategies. Researchers must ask themselves targeted questions, such as:

  • Do customers really want to be able to file their taxes on the same website where they can buy broccoli?
  • How difficult will it be to persuade users that a Super App is more handy, reliable, and secure as compared to those apps specifically made to perform a single activity?
  • Can performing so many diverse tasks in one location lead to monotony-induced fatigue?

Apart from preference, there are other factors that will determine if users will keep coming back to the app, such as battery life and cell phone storage. To keep a user's time and interest in one place, an app must respond quickly. An overcrowded app is more likely to have a slow loading speed, especially if it is not running on a world-class host server. App speed is a crucial element that startups must consider. According to a Deloitte study, a load-time delay of only 0.1 seconds can reduce conversion rates by up to 8%. However, there is still potential for startups. It’s worth noting that the super app space is still dominated by a limited number of brands. There’s a massive ground yet to be covered. A lot of the success of up-and-coming startups with a super app business idea relies on the market it targets and its needs. Knowledge of your customers and data are two of the most crucial things to master early into the business. Comprehensive and thorough data can help your algorithms in creating improved, interactive ecosystems for your consumers. Start-ups must deploy modern marketing research techniques to gather that data.

Final word

Super apps that are backed with data can be a highly profitable business model, but startups have a steep range to climb. The role technology market research plays in getting access to high-quality actionable data for start-ups is undeniable. However, to get impactful results from your tech market research, you must not walk alone. Having one of the best technology market research firms by your side can help you plan and utilize smart technology market research tactics. This is where Novus Insights can make a difference. We are a leading technology market research company that can deliver actionable insights from research data using the most up-to-date market research techniques. To know more about how our technology market research company can help you, call +91 1244142292, +91 7428225350, or email You may also fill out our contact form and our market research consultants will reach out to you at the earliest.

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