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Importance of Thorough User Interface/User Experience research

Authored by Novus Insights 20/01/2022

How people perceive your brand or product(s) or service(s) matters a lot. One of the best ways to ensure your audience talks positively about your brand or product is to consistently work towards giving them an experience that's seamless, convenient, and fulfilling. This is exactly where the role of UI, i.e. User Interface comes into play. User interface is, basically, that junction where humans interact with applications, software, and machines. Your audience interacts with your product through these devices or elements. So, UI is made of all those visual elements that allow users to interact with your product seamlessly. An aesthetically pleasing and satisfying user interface leads to a good user experience, i.e. UX. Every brand that wishes for customer retention yearns to create a seamless User Interface, thereby giving their users a satisfying User Experience.

This is precisely the reason for business and strategic research being vital for enterprises, particularly towards enhancing UI and UX driven solutions that can help in higher engagement, better conversions, and ultimately higher ROI (return on investment) for any company. There are several research-backed methods and templates that may be useful in this context. UI/UX research modules are effective tools for getting a solid understanding of what your audience prefers, what changes or modifications they prefer in your products or services, and how they talk about your brand. Leveraging insights gathered from these research modules can lead to remarkable product modifications or changes or developments solely made for the purpose of improving the User Interface of your product. This will ultimately result in higher sales and growth as mentioned.

So, UI/UX research is an integral part of developing the User Interface of your product. User Experience research is a time consuming task, but it is worthwhile since it produces great results that can be beneficial in improving the overall User Experience. It, fundamentally, refers to a methodical study of your audience and their preferences and requirements, which can be reflected through design. Developing a great, engaging User Interface requires designers to include design elements, like color palettes, text boxes, buttons, images, and fonts, that perfectly represent what users want.

In a nutshell, User Interface/User Experience research involves studying insights and consumer habits in order to know more about creating meaningful and engaging experiences for users. You can make use of various methods for learning more about UI/UX engagement and the strategies that may atually work, including actual feedback from consumers. Some of the key things worth noting include the following:

  1. How many steps are needed to purchase a product?
  2. How many webpages does your product or brand really need?
  3. How easy is it to find information on your application?
  4. How seamless is your website's navigation?

What's interesting is that qualitative research and quantitative research are equally important when it comes to creating an engaging UI. So, quantitative research should also be an integral part of your customer service strategy. It involves transforming numerical data into valuable statistics and then analyzing those numbers and testing the data gathered from primary research. Some effective data collection methods that you can use for UI research are surveys and product analytics.

As one of the reliable market research firms worldwide, we understand the significance of UI/UX research in creating an engaging UI and a great, seamless User Experience. We have partnered with a variety of brands for effective data collection and thorough UI/UX research, including primary research, thereby contributing a great deal to their enhanced UI and UX. We've conducted multi-industry research in over 18 languages and across 90 countries. Our list of effective methodologies that we confidently vouch for includes qualitative focus groups, face-to-face interviews, web-based face to face interviews, mystery shopping, centrally located tests, CATIs, and online panels.

So, if you are looking for a reliable market research firm that can conduct thorough UI/UX research for your brand and deliver valuable insights, reach out to us!

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