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Why is Message Testing Important?

Authored by Novus Insights 12/01/2022

In today's world, if you want to sell a product or service online, it is essential for you to draw a good amount of website traffic, which requires your marketing team to consistently make genuine marketing efforts. As one of the leading marketing research companies in India, we are aware of how effective your marketing strategies should be in order to convey the message you wish to convey. You can't pick a marketing message randomly and expect it to drive results. This is exactly why message testing, when combined with thorough customer behavior analysis, is crucial. It is a highly effective consumer behavior research methodology and is required to determine which marketing message will work best for your brand or product or service. It is an integral part of your marketing strategy when you launch a rebranding campaign, or when you launch a new product or service, when you manage a company merger.

There are plenty of brands out there trying to convey a variety of marketing messages, which is why it's important for you to conduct thorough message testing, in order to cut through the digital clutter. Since message testing, fundamentally, revolves around creating multiple versions of your marketing message and then determining which one will give you the desired results, it's time consuming. This is why, as one of the top market research companies in India, we strongly advise you to opt for message testing at a very early stage so you get enough time to refine your marketing message and come up with the best one.

You can opt for qualitative as well as quantitative research methods to carry out this form of customer behavior analysis. For your email and digital communication, you should opt for quantitative research to determine which subject lines, calls-to-action, taglines, or landing pages will drive leads and sales the most. Similarly, you can use qualitative research in order to leverage valuable insights that help you create a marketing message that your customers can emotionally resonate with. With message testing, you can ensure that your brand's or product's story is well-aligned with what your customers exactly want.

Now, the question is 'How do you get to know which version of your marketing message will work best for you?'

Well, there are various key areas based on which you can conduct message testing, namely clarity, consciousness, and focus, which means customers should be able to understand clearly what you are expressing and what you want them to do. Then comes benefits, which means your marketing message should convey how your product or service or brand will benefit customers. Hook, which means it should keep them hooked. In addition, it should be accurate, precise, and honest, and the language you use in your marketing message should be devoid of any jargon. Basically, anything that makes it difficult for your customers to understand your marketing message should be strictly avoided.

So, if you really want your marketing communication to create a strong impact on your customers, message testing has to be your go-to marketing strategy. If given enough time and attention to each and every aspect of it, it is bound to work wonders for your brand or product or service.

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