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Supply Chain Analysis

Authored by Novus Insights 21/02/2022

When it comes to impactful marketing and research initiatives, it is always recommended that a proper supply chain analysis be undertaken, keeping the focus squarely on managing all stakeholders throughout the entire spectrum. There are many methods which make this possible as per several experts. Supply chain analysis or analytics help in giving shape to the information drawn by companies from various applications linked to the entire supply chain including execution systems, procurement, order management, inventory management, warehouse management and fulfillment, transportation management, and shipping. The supply chain is interconnected at deeper levels than we sometimes realize. One step in the entire network may affect the ability to keep catering to evolving expectations of customers.

Why supply chain analysis matters

Supply chain analysis goes a long way towards helping companies understand their entire network and respond swiftly towards fixing varied issues that may crop up. They can easily collect, analyze and decide on the basis of supply-chain generated data, enabling them to adjust swiftly while also making several short and long term changes for ensuring the progress of their business. Identifying historical patterns, trends and systems is one of the benefits along with predictive or future patterns which include potential disruptions and opportunities for growth. They can also evaluate their partner feedback and take the prescriptive analysis route, i.e. coming up with things to do currently for achieving particular goals and fixing problems. Adopting a cognitive analysis approach also means understanding how to interpret results of analysis and research modules.

Conventional stakeholder-based research activity is a usual departure from any issue or organisation based approach. Yet, tapping into such approaches for identifying stakeholders is something that does not come with extensiveness since they cannot always sync with the dynamics and complexities of organisational components. For addressing this issue, it has been proposed that a supply-chain based perspective should be adopted with regard to identifying stakeholders and the procedure should be carefully described as well.

The adoption of a supply chain-based perspective will help in unearthing indirect and direct stakeholder linked influences, enabling a thorough study of intentions and also showing the role played by every component in the entire spectrum of stakeholders. This method will help in backing up businesses and organisations with regard to quick identification of various kinds of stakeholders linked to their products or services. It will help in enhancing understanding of stakeholders and scaling up overall engagement levels comprehensively as a result. In effect, businesses will gain an understanding of everyone across the entire supply chain.

The best possible solutions

Some of the top solutions include dedicated services for supply chain analysis like those offered by Novus Insights. These services offer rich and in-depth insights for enabling business growth and tackling varied challenges. These services automatically adopt a supply chain perspective.

The result is that businesses can enjoy better decision-making and solve myriad problems while using valuable supply chain data for enhancing project outcomes and design alike. They can also identify and lower risks at an external level.

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